Encd | 2013

Encd, 2013
Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Paper
37 x 50 cm/each
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Encd is a Series of photographs where I use the camera as a tool to experiment and to take advantage of the possibilities it offers. The light and the choice of an extremely specific target, such as people, helped me develop this premise. The particular feature of these works is that the people photographed aren’t aware that they’re the subject of an artwork or that they’ve become part of the configuration or projection of an idea, therefore, I’m still the protagonist of the action, while the others become part of the backdrop.

These photographs are defined by light, where I create a sharp contrast between planes kept far apart and mediated by the lens. By standing facing the sun and covering the lens with my hand, the image can only be defined at the spot where my fingers open and produce a little shadow. I work with light not just as a component of the image, but also as a direct stimulus of vision. The experience becomes challenging as the powerful sunlight not only burns the image, but the eye is unable to stand such an amount of stimulus.

This investigation with light and visual stimulus led me to ask myself about our way of seeing, about our relationship with a work through the eye, how our way of seeing is shaped.