Retrato borde

Retrato borde | 2022

Retrato borde, 2022
Inkjet printing on Rag+Matt 310g paper
80 x 60 cm each

Retrato borde integrates a set of research focused on the transience of time and the fragility of materials. The daytime recording of the artist’s reflections in polluted urban waters nullifies clear visibility, generating an opaque image that subverts the idea of self-portrait.

In the three self-portraits presented in the exhibition, Retrato borde (2022), the artist photographs herself over puddles of dirty water. Here, the image is captured in the energy of a single step, elusive enough not to worry other passers-by, but precise enough to capture a recognizable silhouette in the puddle’s putrid water and in its quiet ecosystem -a cigarette butt, a yellowed leaf, a piece of paper. One cannot help but think of Caravaggio’s Narcissus (1598-99), or the royal couple of Las Meninas of Velázquez (1656): ghostly figures appearing in the image to remind us of our own vanity, such as our reflection projected everywhere – in stores windows, subway trains, cell phone screens, and restaurants mirrors. A too energetic step in the puddle and we disappear! 

Text excerpt by Dorothée Dupuis