Untitled from Cartones series | 2000 | Cardboard | 105 x 75 x 20 cm

Cartones series, 2000
Cut and overlapped cardboard
Variable measures

Gumier Maier and Siquier were strong references at the time. Aroldo Lewy too. When I did the cardboard works and left the material bare, untreated, I thought, very consciously, that the lack of a surface color layer produced this special strangeness. The patterns, the symmetry, the curves and countercurves, all that real ornamental stuff wasn’t accompanied by the paint that would finish off the ornament, and it wasn’t done in a precious material either. I preferred to use cardboard and leave the material raw. Like I was leaving the ornament naked or unfinished. In that sense, it ties in with brutalism: they’re ideas I’m still working with. I was interested in the contradiction between ornament and raw material.

Text excerpt by Luciana Lamothe

Untitled from Cartones series | 2000 | Cardboard | 69 x 53 x 20 cm